ABC/Yahoo! Gop Debate (12/10/11)

ABC/Yahoo! Gop Debate (12/10/11)

This is a rundown of links, video and a little of the Lady’s Take of the ABC/Yahoo GOP debate held on December 11, 2011.

Full Video is Here.

The Lady’s Take:

Preface: I blew off watching it live. I’ve got debate fatigue of epic proportions at this point. I watched a good deal of it this morning on YouTube (link above to vide0).

My Impressions: Sawyer and Stephanopolous were as graceful and unbiased as two drunks fighting over who is more sober to drive home. It was, of course, the pile on Gingrich debate. He withstood it and did so firmly. I was impressed. Bachmann tried more scorched earth style attacks which failed really. Mercifully, no Huntsman tonight.  Winner: Gingrich.  The rest of the field fall into this order for me: Romney, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann, Paul.

The Highlights:

Gingrich resoundingly defended his Palestine/Invented People comment. Gingrich also held his own and played defense against the barrage of attacks throughout the debate. I like his no apology style. His slap down of Romney was excellent (20:34 mark in the full video). I heard the bitch slap from here. Ouch!

Romney made a bad 10k bet. He’s going to have to pay up depending on which version of it he uses to dispute Perry’s challenges.

Santorum had a nice moment with his summary of the payroll tax problem.

Perry was there. More quibbling with Romney over what was or wasn’t in his book — enter the 10k bet. My money is on Romney having to fork over 10k. Perry did turn the Israel argument back on Obama, where it should be.

Bachmann attempted to keep up, but taking on Gingrich/Romney together on ObamaCare, illegal immigration, cap and trade emissions regulation, the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, and President Obama’s payroll tax cut was a mistake. Huge one. She got owned by Gingrich and slapped around by Romney.

Paul was Paul. More rambling with a nugget here and there to cling to. He was put in his place by Gingrich over the video his campaign put out on Gingrich being a serial hypocrit (24:18 mark in the full video)

The Useful Links:

The Video Highlights:


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