Third round of charges added to former Guilford substitute teacher

A former Guilford substitute teacher is now facing a third round of charges after first being arrested in May for various sex crimes involving minors.



As of Oct. 7, Richard Gene Martin is now facing two counts of indecent liberties with children, two counts of attempted second-degree sex offense, indecent liberties with children, and third-degree exploitation of a minor.

Martin, age 73, was first charged on May 10 with indecent liberties with children by a school official, indecent liberties with children, statutory rape/sex offense of a person 13-15 years of age by defendant 6 years older, and contributing to the delinquency and neglect by parents/other.

On May 20, Martin received additional charges including one count of first-degree rape and two additional counts of indecent liberties.

On July 28, more charges were added including two counts of indecent liberties with children by a school official and Secret peeping into a room occupied by a female.

Martin is still in custody at the Greensboro Detention Center. After the addition of the October charges, his total bond amount now stands at $2.14 million.

A search of criminal record databases in North Carolina shows Martin had been arrested in 2016 in Surry County for reckless driving, a Class 2 misdemeanor. He was given probation for that offense.

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