NCAE regional representative boasts about sending “White Fragility” book to State Supt.

A regional representative of the N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE) boasted in a tweet about sending a book called “White Fragility” to outgoing Supt. Mark Johnson.

The book “White Fragility” has a staple of the growing “White privilege” diversity training racket and of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Justin Parmenter, the NCAE representative for region three, tweeted that Johnson had returned the “gift-wrapped copy” that Parmenter allegedly sent him.

Parmenter teaches English at Waddell Language Academy. He is among several radical elements of Organize 2020, the racial and social justice caucus of the NCAE, that have ascended to elected positions this year.

The NCAE’s parent, the National Education Association, has made teaching “white fragility part of its radical platform along with a laundry list of other social justice and politically charged topics.

On Sept. 9, NCAE President Tamika Walker-Kelly tweeted that educators should “pledge” to participate in year-long Black Lives Matter activities in their classrooms. The pledge is to enact classroom activities that include a long list of social justice activism using politically charged and anti-American curriculum. The pledge is tied to a group called “Black Lives Matter At School.” Read more.

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