Radical Organize2020 members take over leadership of NCAE

The NCAE has new leadership and taking the top spots are some of the most radical members of Organize2020, the “Racial and Social Justice Caucus” of the NCAE.

According to the announcement on the NCAE website, the election reports are done and just need to be finalized.

Replacing Mark Jewell as NCAE President is Tamika Walker Kelly. If the past is prologue, Kelly can be expected to continue the same political agenda as her predecessor.

Tamika Walker Kelly - NCAE - 5 issues 1 dayJPG
We likely can also expect more protests since the Vice President slot was won by the continually protesting Durham teacher Bryan Proffitt. He a self-described socialist and is also the president of the Durham Association of Educators as well as being the Co-founder and Co-chair of Organize2020.

Profitt and Kelly promoted themselves as a package deal. In their messaging, the pair said that they were running for NCAE leadership “to build our union and reclaim our state.”

Kelly’s messaging was more general, whereas Proffitt drew a proverbial line in the sand.

“Across this state, there is a movement of people who want to destroy public schools. Fortunately, educators throughout North Carolina are rising up to stop these privatizers,” Proffitt is quoted as saying in his VP candidacy message.

The NEA Director position went to Turquoise Lejune Parker.

Proffitt and Parker also promoted themselves together in order to “truly get close to liberation.”

Turquoise Parker - Bryan Proffitt

Bear in mind, Organize2020’s main goal is the unionization of NC teachers and they model themselves after Chicago’s teacher’s union, which has been instrumental in bankrupting the city’s pension funds.

“Inspired by the powerful organizing and social justice focus of the Chicago Teachers’ Union, the NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus was founded in 2013 to bring similar energy to North Carolina’s fight for public education.”

Peppered among the regional directors and delegates are other Organize2020 and Red4Ed members like Justin Parmenter, Leanna Delph, and Wake County’s Kristin Beller.

Beller has been a protest staple for the NCAE in Wake County for quite some time, as have her priorities.

2019-03-30 Beller - FB - Commie Power Fist NCAE Organize 2020

Both Proffitt and Beller were arrested in 2016 for blocking traffic by sitting in the middle of a downtown Raleigh intersection during rush hour.


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