Obama, Holder and Elias 2020 Strategy: Sue Until Blue

Recently, the lawsuit fundraising machine known as Obama and Holder’s “National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) merged with Obama’s campaign juggernaut, Organizing for Action (OFA).

This is a wake-up call for those asleep in the General Assembly and in the GOP offices on Hillsborough street.

The merger will now create a “joint force that is focused on this issue of singular importance,” Obama said on Thursday.


“If you say, ‘The Obama legacy will then be focused on redistricting,’ that’s the mechanism by which the things the Obama presidency were about will be preserved,” Holder said.
Source: The Atlantic)

The current OFA chairman is Eric Holder. He’s also running the NDRC and has been to North Carolina several times to do the bidding of the Democrats and Obama.

NCDP Unity Dinner 2017- Holder - Cooper

Remember, this is the same Eric Holder who was filmed telling a laughing Democrat crowd that when Republicans are down, “we kick them.

Holder called the merger “a way to maximize the incredible impact that OFA has had in the past and continue it into the future — this is a natural extension of the work we’ve been doing over the past year.”

This NDRC/OFA unholy union is community organizing on data-driven steroids and North Carolina is one of its main targets.

The NDRC’s alleged purpose is to fight gerrymandering and to make sure redistricting is “fair.”  Sure it is…

The real purpose of this group is to raise as much money as it can so that the Democratic party’s legal wetwork man, Marc Elias, can sue until every district turns Blue.

Elias’ Top Hits

  • Considered to be the Democrats ‘Recount King‘. Remember Al Franken magically getting just enough votes in a recount to win his race? That was Elias.
  • Marc Elias - Roy Cooper - Fusion GPS - Russian DossierRepresented Roy Cooper in the recount in the NC 2016 election and he’s sticking his fingers into the NC-09 absentee ballot debacle too.
  • Was brought in to save Kay Hagan when bloggers & Twitter activists in NC broke the news her husband was double-dipping into stimulus funds. Fun fact: Hagan’s press person was Sadie Weiner, who is now Roy Coopers top spokesperson.
  • Advisory Board member of the Democrat ‘seat flipping’ machine ‘Let America Vote‘.
  • Involved with Clinton right-hand man, John Podesta in spam suing the Trump administration.
  • Is the Democrat & Soros ‘Go-To Fixer‘.
  • Handled the Clinton Campaign/Democratic National Committee money which paid for the discredited Trump Dossier.
  • Part of the past voter ID lawsuit against North Carolina.

Read more about Elias at Influence Watch.

More recently, Elias tweeted out his involvement (and therefore that of NDRC/OFA) in suing North Carolina again.  This time it’s over… wait for it… redistricting.

The suit was filed by Common Cause on behalf of the NC Democratic Party and a laundry list of ‘individuals’.

There’s a punchline though.

This suit was filed despite Democrats winning in districts that NC Democrats have alleged are ‘partisan gerrymanders’ in favor of Republicans.

Two key points of this suit –  One is the suit wants totally new maps to be drawn for the 2020 elections and two is where the suit was filed is important:

“Since the suit has been filed in Wake County Superior Court, it’s likely to end up at some point with the N.C. Supreme Court. The election last week of Anita Earls gives Democrats a 5-2 majority on that court.” (Source: John Locke)

Remember, the past voter ID suit mentioned in the Elias Top Hits list involved the newly elected NC Supreme Court Associate Justice and Holder acolyte, Anita Earls. She’s also a Holder disciple.

Will she recuse herself if this case lands in the realm of the NC Supreme Court?

Don’t bet on it.

Maybe a better question is what is the NC GOP leadership going to do about this redistricting suit? Moreover, what will they be doing to prepare for the NDRC/OFA legal onslaught?

If history is prologue, then one can expect the same lack of action seen in the Supreme Court race or the races in Mecklenburg and Wake Counties.

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