Halifax County Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After Throwing Object At Child

A Halifax County teacher has been charged with child abuse after throwing an object at a child in class causing serious injury and permanent damage according to local law enforcement.

Willie Hawkins - Halifax - Quiet Epidemic

Willie Hawkins – image via Halifax County Sheriff’s Office

Willie Hawkins, age 28, was arrested on October 12th and charged with child abuse and inflicting serious injury.

Hawkins was given only a $1,500 bond and was remanded to the Halifax County Detention Center. His next court appearance will be November 7.

The Halifax County sheriff’s office said he threw a blunt object at a student, hitting the child in the face.

Chief Deputy Scott Hall said it was not yet known what was thrown or why Hawkins threw the object, but that it was a “blunt object” and that the child required medical attention and permanent damage was caused to the child’s face.

Hawkins was a teacher at Enfield Middle School. It is unclear if Hawkins was fired or if he was allowed to resign. The school has not responded for comment yet.

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1 Response to Halifax County Teacher Charged With Child Abuse After Throwing Object At Child

  1. Grace says:

    OMG! This is horrific! I don’t have a child in public school, but if I did, I think I’d take them out just to protect them. There are too many unqualified, mentally unstable, and often ‘agenda driven’ crazies out there. This is a real shame, because it gives truly competent and qualified teachers a bad name. How is a parent to know? Likely they won’t know the teacher is bad unless something bad happens. Then it might be too late. As a person well into ‘adulthood’ I can say that some of my elementary, jr high and high school teachers were incredibly important influences for me and I still remember them fondly. It truly seems to me like there were more dedicated, caring, public school teachers back then, whose careers were more ‘avocation’ than ‘job’. You didn’t hear these kinds of (and worse) stories constantly either.


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