The Silent Sam Stupid Is Back – #ncga

Just when we thought the movement to erase history was over…

The Democrat Representative who claimed a bill protecting campus free speech was an “extreme agenda” now is planning a bill to move a Confederate statue on the UNC Chapel Hill campus to a “safe place”.

Democrat Verla Insko, along with her fellow far-Left progressive colleagues, Val Foushee and Graig Hill, wants to sponsor a bill that would move Silent Sam ‘somewhere safe’.

Orange County’s legislators could ask the General Assembly this spring to set a deadline for UNC to move the Confederate statue Silent Sam to a safe place.

State Rep. Verla Insko plans to sponsor the bill in this year’s short legislative session, which begins in May. State Rep. Graig Meyer and State Sen. Valerie Foushee are working with her, and they’ve asked the Chapel Hill Town Council for its support.
Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger said Wednesday the council could take up the issue later but wanted to talk first with other local governments.

Insko said the bill answers requests from the public and UNC students and faculty “who thought it would be a good time to keep the issue in front of the public.”

It would be better to resolve the issue before someone tries to damage the statue, she said.

“I think a lot of people don’t want the monument destroyed or damaged,” Insko said. “It is a part of history, and we have lessons to learn from that. I think that preserving it for this purpose is really important.” (News and Observer)

Oh, so we’re ‘preserving history’ by moving it so no one can damage it?

How about we start with not allowing deranged social justice warriors to damage it or rip it down like the Communists in Durham did?

Protecting snowflakes from statues = good.
Protecting Freedom of Speech = bad.

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