Felony Charges Dropped for 8 in Durham Statue Case

The remaining eight vandals who were arrested for destroying a Confederate war memorial dedicated to dead soldiers had their felony charges dropped by the Durham District Attorney yesterday.

The next court date is February 19th.

Durham Herald Sun:

“We won’t try them on the felonies, only the misdemeanors,” Durham County District Attorney Roger Echols said.

Echols’ comments immediately followed a Thursday morning court hearing in which all eight activists appeared before District Court Judge Frederick S. Battaglia Jr.

All eight activists are represented by attorney Scott Holmes.


Although the defendants no longer face felonies, they each now face an additional misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to deface real property.

Message sent: Social Justice Warriors in Durham can get away with destroying public property.

Oh and look, the communists received free press for their next adventure:

After the hearing, activistic supports filed out of the courtroom, joined others and formed a semicircle composed of around 30 individuals for what amounted to an impromptu press conference on the Courthouse steps. Many of the activists worn black baseball caps with the white lettering, “Do It Like Durham.”

Tran told a small crowd, through a microphone, that many of the 13 original defendants have “continued” to receive threats. “Several have had car windows smashed on multiple occasions,” she said.

It was announced that an event titled “First People’s Tribunal!” would take place Jan. 13 between 2-5 p.m. at the City Well Church where its participates will “testify” against “racist police, deportations, jail conditions” and more. (Durham Herald Sun)

Besides being the mouthpiece for the Communist World Workers Party, organizing the rallies to destroy public property and being involved in half a dozen far left non-profits in Durham, Tran is also one of the far left, monster dark money group Democracy Alliance’s new darlings.

Loan Tran FB 082217

Loan Tran
Image via Facebook

Last year Tran was at the Democracy Alliance’s November meeting in 2016 and was on a panel called ‘forging stronger alliances among issues and movements to win’.

Looks like that ‘winning’ is coming at a price.

Before the holidays, Tran agreed to deferred prosecution on the three misdemeanor charges against her for her involvement in the destruction of public property.

Tran also has to pay $1,250 in restitution, perform 100 hours of community service, and $180 in court costs.

Catch up on the past details of these SJW’s and their arrests:

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    Why were the felony charges dropped? Did Echols give a reason?


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