AG Roy Cooper Kills Bipartisan #HB2 Changes

In case you missed it, WBTV is reporting that North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, made ‘personal phone calls’ to Democrats involved with the recent attempts to amend HB 2.   Cooper apparently bullied them into dropping their support.

The changes, in part,  would have allowed for in state legal action with regards workplace discrimination.  Read more about the multiple sets of changes.


On Your Side Investigates has confirmed a group of up to ten House Democrats had originally signed on to support the bill. A number of people in that group changed their mind, though, after receiving calls from Cooper.

“We started losing Democrats,” the person involved in the negotiations said. “We were told Cooper was making personal phone calls to the ten Democratic members saying if they wanted to be on the team in November they needed to vote against the bill.”

Cooper is the Democratic nominee for North Carolina Governor. His race against Republican Governor Pat McCrory is expected to remain close through the election in November.

On Your Side Investigates has learned of at least four members who received calls from Cooper Thursday, including Representatives Garland Pierce (D-Scotland), Michael Wray (D-Halifax), Ken Goodman (D-Richmond) and Howard Hunter (D-Hertford).

Of the four members who received a call from Cooper, two did not return a phone call or email from On Your Side Investigates seeking comment. One member acknowledged he had a conversation with Cooper Thursday that included discussion of HB2, but would not provide specifics. 

The NC GOP released a statement about Cooper’s involvement:

“This report raises serious questions about the ethics and motivation of Attorney General Roy Cooper. In this case it appears Cooper chose work against the interests of the people of North Carolina and his client, the State itself. Any other lawyer would be disbarred for lobbying against the interest of his client. This is an unconscionable breach of trust that must be addressed” – Dallas Woodhouse NCGOP Executive Director

Roy Cooper Equality NCThis is not the first time Cooper has been caught behind the scenes. Earlier this year, Cooper was nailed by the Wall Street Journal for collaborating with businesses to economically blackmail North Carolina over HB 2.

Meanwhile, it seems the partisan hacks at Policy Watch will no anything necessary in order to protect Roy Cooper, including outright lie:

And they should be called out for it.

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