ICYMI – Dozens of Hispanic Pastors Stood Behind #HB2 Last Week [Video]

Last week, dozens of Hispanic pastors came together to express their support for HB 2. They also spoke about the terror attack in Orlando and condemned it.

“This is Islamic terrorism.”

“We need to wake up.”

Some media actually reported on this press conference. Hateful and disturbing comments were made in the comments sections of several outlets. The worst were arguably found at the News and Observer.

Thank you to Major Dave NC for this video.

Video Description:

Dozens of Hispanic Pastors from across NC gathered at the General Assembly on June 14th, 2016 to hold a Press Conference expressing both their sadness over the recent shooting in Orlando and their continued support for HB2.

They opened with NC Rep. Dan Bishop (R-104 Charlotte/Mecklenburg County)) who was the Chief sponsor of HB2. He introduces Pastor Dan Rodriguez, Chaplain of Calvary Jail Ministries of Winston-Salem, NC to offer a brief opening prayer (1:20 mark).

Pastor Maudia Melendez of Jesus Ministries International offers her own prayer and comments at the 2:03 mark. Pastor Rodrigues then returns to offer his comments in support of HB2 and explains why they all gathered today in a voice of unison (5:40 mark).

Pastor Luis Colon of Winston-Salem follows at the 7:45 mark. The only portion in Spanish is by Pastor Daniel Busquetts at the 10:30 mark of the clip and it is translated simultaneously by Pastor Rodriguez. He is followed at the 13:30 mark by Rev. Jacquline Tavires of the NC Chaplains Asssociation, and wraps up with Pastor Armando Perdomo of World Mission Go of Charlotte at the15:10 mark expressing his own support for HB2 and offering his own benedictory prayer.

Rep. Bishop then closes by expressing his appreciation for their ongoing support and prayers.

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