A Couple of Education Notes In the Proposed #NCGA Budget

There are a few interesting education related nuggets from the proposed NCGA House Committee budget report.

First, Brian Balfour at Civitas notes the pay increases with regard to teachers:

Teacher salaries would see an average increase of 4.1 percent, helping move toward the goal of average teacher pay of $50k

  • The bulk of the salary increases are focused on teachers with 10 to 14 years experience, with a 5% boost
  • Teachers with less than five years experience would receive a $1,000 bonus; teachers with more than 25 years experience would get the $1k bonus along with a 2% raise
  • Teachers with five to nine years would get 4.1 percent, teachers with 15-19 years would get 3.4 percent, and teachers with 20-24 years would get 3.2 percent

The Legislature continues to move the needle for teacher pay, but I am sure the NCAE and Progress Action’s various teacher protest groups will have a cow over this anyway.

Then there’s this interesting bit, which seemingly is supporting the College Board’s monopoly over curriculum and testing (#14, page F7):

 Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Teacher Bonuses
Provides funding to support a $50 bonus payment to teachers of record for students taking either Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and achieving a certain grade on AP or IB examinations. Bonuses shall be awarded to teachers of Advanced Placement courses for students who earn scores of 3 or higher on AP exams and to teachers of IB Diploma Programme courses for students who score 4 or higher on IB exams.  

This program is a recurring cost of a whopping $4,300,000.

Then there’s funding for Teach for America. Which has had their annual $6 million turned into a non-recurring cost. Does this signal that the legislature has wised up to this program’s  high turn over rates and to it being politically motivated? We’ll see.


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  1. Betty Peters says:

    Re: AP and IB bonuses of $50; is this $50 per student or per class? Do any employees (like superintendents or principals or central office people) get any AP/IB bonuses? I had heard something about “bribes” for teachers who teach AP or IB but never saw anything in writing. We have a powerful but almost hidden ed group in AL called the A+ Foundation which is the go-between for AL DOE and AP and USDOE. The state BOE is left out of the loop. Lots of money in administering these programs.



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