OpLGBT DDOS Attack On A NC Big Flop?

Multiple outlets reported that an alleged portion of Anonymous has attacked North Carolina servers over the facilities privacy bill, HB2.

The report was of DDOS attacks on various North Carolina government servers as IB Times notes:

The hacker used a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) tool to disrupt government websites perceived to be related to the bill. This type of cyberattack sends a tidal wave of traffic towards a single web server with the aim of taking it offline and is regularly used by Anonymous as a method of protest.

The hacker responsible for this operation, titled OpLGBT, has also started a Twitter account to publicise the ongoing attacks. “F*** you North Carolina main govt website [for] making strong anti-gay laws!” ran the first @OperationLGBT tweet.

Apparently, this attack was a flop, much like that of Anonymous’s failed “OP KKK“.

I requested official comment from the North Carolina IT department’s communications director, Michelle Vaught:

Hi A.P.

All of our state websites were operating as normal earlier in the week, when we first saw media reports, and that continues today.



Did anyone besides NC ITS notice this alleged attack? It appears not.


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  1. RLJohnson77 says:

    If a hacker tries to attack you and no one seems to notice, did it really happen???


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