Haywood School Officials Show More Sense Than Obama Admin – #HB2

School officials in Haywood county have had some drama over Obama administration’s transgender edict for schools.  Apparently there was a rumor of protests among the students over having open bathroom access.

The school and district’s response was excellent and lines up with what Title IX already accommodates for under 504 plans, which is separate facilities when needed or required.

Some additional commentary on this situation from The Mountineer:

Nolte, who has been with the Haywood County School system for 30 years, said a shower situation is the same. Boys shower with boys, girls shower with girls, anyone who feels uncomfortable can talk with administration and something will be figured out on a case by case basis to help the student.

“Very few students use those, but there are individual shower stalls off athletic offices, but there have not been any requests to use a separate shower as far as we can remember,” said Nolte.

Nolte added it’s important for people to remember requests for using a private facility is nothing new and “has been happening for decades.”

“Maybe someone has a physical illness, or they are used to using the restroom at home and not around other students, or maybe they aren’t comfortable with a classmate for some reason,” said Nolte. “Accommodations were made to help these students feel comfortable and safe.”

Bailey made an announcement Wednesday over the intercom at the end of the day, reassuring students that boys will use the boys restrooms, girls would use the girls restrooms, and anyone who did not feel comfortable with the restroom that matches their birth certificate could approach him to discuss other options.

Nolte has been there 30 years, very few recollections of ever needing special accommodations because everyone was fine peeing and showering where they were supposed to. Go figure.

WLOS had a similar story, but less details, but the theme was the same:

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