Dear Sens. Burr and Tillis, You Are Not Invisible. #HB2 #NCsen

There is a glaring hole in the long string of state leaders and elected officials standing together against the illegal and dangerous Charlotte Ordinance and in support of HB 2.

It’s a Richard Burr and Thom Tillis shaped hole.

But’s its worse than just a hole.

Do they think they are invisible? We can see your shoes under the stall door, gentlemen.

The pair of NC Senators had been acting like nothing big was going on in their state and that all was quiet. No media outlets had gotten them on record until recently and then Senator Burr opened his mouth.

The Hill captured Senator Burr basically throwing the governor, legislature and people of North Carolina under the bus:

“When things get into the courts system, that’s how it has to play out,’ Burr told The Hill when asked about the dueling lawsuits over the law, which requires transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex.”

“I would have loved to see them work out an agreement that both sides were happy with. They either chose not to do it or couldn’t,” Burr said.

Burr also said Governor McCrory was “off base” asking for Congress’s help.

The set of comments reported by The Hill was not missed by Daniel Horowitz over at Conservative Review, who then backed the bus up and ran over Senator Burr.

Horowitz penned an article yesterday which was aptly titled, Sen. Burr hides in the men’s room as North Carolina fights alone.

Horowitz doesn’t hold back. Here’s an excerpt, but go read the whole thing:

“Every word in Sen. Burr’s statement reeks of constitutional illiteracy, personal diffidence on the most foundational truths, and cowardice to represent his own people.

As I noted earlier today in my post detailing what Congress must do to protect North Carolina, the entire purpose of the federal union was to protect individual liberty and the integrity of state sovereignty. Our Founders made Congress the “predominate” branch of government so that the people and the states would have representatives defending their rights. At the same time, the judiciary was to have “neither force nor will” concerning major political issues. Yet, we now have a state under assault by the unelected bureaucrats and the legal profession, which seeks to redefine human sex itself, and Sen. Burr is not only unwilling to defend his state, he is suggesting that such social transformation is inherently the domain of the judiciary.

In the world of Sen. Burr, the Left could bastardize any statue and even compare civil rights for African-Americans to the eradication of all sex differences, and Congress must submit to the courts to decide whether a man is indeed a man. “Prove us wrong that the 1964 Civil Rights Act wasn’t intended to allow men access to private space for women,” say the radical sexual identity jihadists. “Let’s have the courts decide this very deep and complex question,” retorts Richard Burr.

Burr’s comments demonstrate mind-boggling ignorance and cowardice rolled into one incoherent statement.”

Over the last few years, North Carolina has come to expect this kind of RINO dumbassery from Burr. Both Burr and Tillis sold out NC kids with their ESSA vote then Burr turned around and bad mouthed Senator Cruz in a Lindsey Grahamesque fashion.
I can only cover my eyes and shake my head as I imagine what might have come out of Tillis’ mouth.

Check out Horowitz’s earlier article,  How Congress Can #StandWithNC and Gender Sanity, which calls on the governors and elected officials in other states to stop sitting on the sidelines.

Both Horowitz and Governor McCrory are right — The Obama administration is trying to  fundamentally transform the definition of biological sex and it will impact every single state.

Do you hear that, Senator Burr? Senator Tillis? Your JOBS are calling you. Get off your fence post and defend your state and it’s citizens.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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