Education Bills Ramp Up At #NCGA

As the short session starts to ramp up, here are some of the education related bills at the North Carolina General Assembly.

S848 – Cary Charter Amendments
S855 – Modify School Performance Grades
S862 – Opp. Scholarships Forward Funding

H1057 – Funds for Literacy Coaches
H1074 – Schools Test for Lead/HS Dropout Pilot Prog
H1075 – Funds for D and F Schools/Charter Changes
H1080 – Achievement School District
H1081 – Tuition Fairness Act (Amendment)

Significant Changes:

The percentage weights for school achievement and growth have been scaled back:

“The school achievement score shall account for eighty percent (80%), fifty percent (50%),and the school growth score shall account for twenty percent (20%) fifty percent (50%) of the total sum.”

Increase in number of students served by Opportunity Scholarships:

“Beginning with the 2017‑2018 school year, within the funds appropriated by the General Assembly to award scholarship grants to eligible students under this Part, the Authority may award scholarship grants to at least 2,000 more eligible students each school year than were served in the prior school year.”

Establishment of a reserve fund:

§ 115C‑562.8.  The Opportunity Scholarship Grant Fund Reserve.

“The Opportunity Scholarship Grant Fund Reserve is established as a reserve to be administered by the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina for the purpose of allocating funds to the Authority for the award of scholarship grants in accordance with this Part. The Reserve shall consist of monies appropriated from the General Fund to the Reserve by the General Assembly. These funds shall be used to award scholarship grants to eligible students for the school year that begins in the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the appropriation is made to the Reserve. The Board of Governors shall only use monies in the Reserve in accordance with the purposes set forth in this section. The unobligated balance of funds in the Reserve at the end of each fiscal year shall not revert to the General Fund but shall be used for those purposes set forth in this section for the next fiscal year.”

Increase in funding by $10 million each year. There is an increase schedule included in the text through 2027.


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