VIDEO: The Unintended Victims of Bathroom Bills and Locker Room Policies

Submitted without comment, because the video says it all.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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3 Responses to VIDEO: The Unintended Victims of Bathroom Bills and Locker Room Policies

  1. apriltulip says:

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    Wake Up America!
    Let’s protect past victims and prevent future ones.
    God Bless


  2. Eric Johnson says:

    A simple question to ask those pushing this opening up of bathrooms and locker rooms is: How will your law keep rapists and pedophiles out?

    They can’t answer that question as the rapists/pedophile defense is “I feel like a woman today!” and these laws won’t allow anyone to question them about it.

    How often have progressives used the “if it will only save ONE child, it’s worth doing…” yet they completely ignore it in this case.


  3. Kathy young says:

    God bless Jacqueline, a transgender, for speaking out, too! Nothing about this is against Transgenders. It’s against letting heterosexual males, some of them predators and pedophiles, into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. The solution seems to be build private bathrooms for transgenders. We did it for handicapped people in a rather short time after legislation was passed. We can do this, too. TRANSGENDERS deserve protection but not in a manner that endangers women and girls. Build private facilitie.


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