Senator Burr, Is The Whiplash a Bug or a Feature?

I’ve got whiplash.

My Senator, Richard Burr, is the one who gave it to me.

First, he tried to be invisible in the HB2 debate.

Then he opened his mouth with a statement that was worse than trying to be invisible.

Burr then turned around and signed off on the Senate letter calling out Obama for his transgender edict in our country’s schools. This appears to be largely symbolic given what Burr says next.

Yes, he’s back opening his mouth again. And it’s even worse.

Here are the quotes from Huffington Post’s article published on 5/24/16:

“Yeah, I’ve got issues,” Burr told The Huffington Post when asked if he has problems with his state’s new law, also known as HB 2.

“The legislature botched what they were trying to do,” he said. “It was far too expansive.”


“I think the General Assembly went too far and the City of Charlotte created an issue where there wasn’t a problem,” Burr said.


Even Burr said he didn’t blame local officials for sinking that agreement.

“To repeal it before you know what the General Assembly is going to do would be a mistake,” he said, hopping into a Senate train car taking him away from reporters. “That’s why it’s got to be the General Assembly and the City of Charlotte getting together and coming up with an agreed-upon package.”

The only part I agree with in Burr’s statements here is that HB2 should have been split into two bills — one for public accommodations and one for employment related issues.

However, that last quote should tell folks a lot.

NEWSFLASH, Senator Burr:  The whole reason HB2 even happened was to stop the Charlotte Ordinance from taking effect.

Charlotte needs to act first by rescinding it, PERIOD. The Charlotte city council proved Monday night they won’t budge and that they listen to the Human Rights Campaign, not North Carolinians.

The Huffington Post article mentions the new Public Policy Polling survey, which I will get to in a separate article. But the Huffpo piece also includes  how Burr’s opponent, Deborah Ross, is hitting him on HB2.

What is Burr doing to respond to Ross? By criticizing her for being soft of sex offenders:

To be fair, Senator Tillis is batting 1,000 on this front as well.

As I said before, HB2 is not a topic that  you ride the fence on and Mr. Burr, you’re going to lose this Fall.

It won’t be because more democrats are going to vote for your opponent. It’s because republicans are tired of you giving them whiplash and will skip your name on the ballot.

UPDATE: Conservative Review joins the chorus.
Senator Burr Sides with Transgender Lobby Against His Own Home State 

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