Petition: NCAE Doesn’t Compensate Employees Fairly

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) has been waging a relatively non-stop campaign against the General Assembly for ‘higher teacher pay’.

Meanwhile, it seems the NCAE doesn’t compensate their own employees adequately according to a petition aimed at the NCAE President, Rodney Ellis.

The petition was started by the “NC SO Crisis Committee”. That’s the NC affiliate of the National Staff Organization, which boasts on their about page to be “The world’s largest union of union staff,”.

The petition reads as follows:


We, the members of the North Carolina Staff Organization the unionized workers at NCAE (UniServ Directors, Program Staff, and Headquarters Union Staff), urge NCAE to provide a reasonable salary and benefits package. Bargaining fairly is a critical way to demonstrate your respect for us as colleagues and professionals

Why is this important?

Our staff is under constant pressure to do more with less since we have not received a salary increase in eight (8) years. It is vital that we collaborate to address how we will continue to provide quality services, despite management’s refusal to fill vacant UniServ positions while filling management positions. When it comes to finding creative solutions in a budget crisis we are, in fact, strong together. But the budget should not be balanced on the backs of the staff that provide quality services to our members.
Thus far we have been flexible, collaborative, worked overtime, lost sleep, picked up second jobs, lost time w/family, watched friends/colleagues retire, and changed our personal schedules in an attempt to stop/slow the bleeding of the association.

We, the undersigned, support our staff in their efforts to gain a reasonable salary and benefits package as they work to rebuild NCAE.

The 2013 IRS filings for the National Staff Organization showed over $1.3 million in receipts.

While the 990 filing seems to indicate there are no paid staff members, lists their board members as ironically receiving very lopsided compensation. The listed President makes over $120k, yet the next closest paid member only makes a little over $33k.

The National Staff Organization also has called for a ‘vote of no confidence‘ in the NCAE’s Executive Director, Rachelle Johnson. This vote of no confidence is supported by the following bullet points:

  • Johnsons failure to ensure a safe working environment in the Headquarters building.
  • Working conditions have significantly deteriorated under Johnson’s failure.
  • Johnson has failed to provide the leadership needed to improve the Association.
  • Johnson doesn’t listen to staff concerns or perspectives.
  • No diversity in management staff hiring.
  • Managers receiving increases while staff not receiving an increase in seven years.
  • Johnson’s failure to process grievances in a timely manner.


A quick couple of end notes regarding the NCAE.

The organization recently applauded Leftist activist and an NCAE – Organize2020 member, Bryan Proffitt, for being named a “finalist for the NEA Social Justice Activist Award.”

The NCAE has endorsed Attorney General Roy Cooper for governor. Cooper has been more an NCAE spokesperson than he has been an Attorney General.

Cooper has refused to protect NC children from the Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Education’s overreach into our schools time and again. From Common Core to the abusive interpretation of Title IX —  Cooper has shown that he sides with the Fed and not NC families.

Cooper has shown about the same amount of respect for NC families and children as he did for MLK last year… IN CHURCH.

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