Durham Public Schools To Discuss Adding “Gender Identity” At April 28 Meeting


On April 14th, I wrote about Durham Public Schools intending to add “gender identity” to the district’s policies in their upcoming meeting on April 28th.

The DPS Board meetings are held in the central office in Downtown Durham, 3rd Floor. The physical address is 511 Cleveland St., Durham. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and a sign up to speak will be available.

More details have emerged in the posted Durham School Board of Education Meeting agenda. See pages 29-32.

The addition is being made to policy 4000 in conjunction with the district’s anti-bullying policy.

The changes also include “immigration status”, which possibly may be referring to discriminating against students who might be in the country illegally.  [Read:  ICE agents arrest Riverside High student for possible deportation]

Here is the text from the agenda:


There shall be equal educational opportunity for all students. regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, creed, disability, or national origin.

The Board prohibits discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on any of the following protected classifications: race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, socioeconomic status, academic status, gender identity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, mental, physical, developmental, or sensory disability, immigration status, or any other classification that is protected by law, regulation or this policy.

The Board further prohibits discrimination against a person perceived to have any of the above characteristics or against a person for associating with someone protected by this policy.

Equal opportunity shall be provided in extracurricular as well as curricular activities. Any student or parent/custodian who believes that a student has been denied equal treatment in violation of this policy may notify the Superintendent or designee, who shall investigate and, where appropriate, resolve such concerns. Students and parents/custodians may also use the Student Grievance Policy, Policy Number 4800, to pursue a complaint of discrimination. Retaliation for reporting or pursuing a claim of discrimination under this policy is prohibited.

The superintendent shall develop guidelines to assist school staff in preventing discrimination and accommodating student differences.

Cross Reference: Policy 4411, Bullying/Harassment, Policy 4800, Student/Parent Grievances Adopted Effective: July 1, 1999 Revised Effective: January 24, 2008 Revised:



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  2. ALRUI says:

    Gee is it possible the reason kids are falling behind other countries in their education is that the educators are so busy trying to accommodate the <1% of confused students that theres no time or $ left for the 99+%?


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