Durham Public Schools Passes Policy Adding ‘Gender Identity’ To Language [Updated]

As previously reported on this blog, the Durham Public Schools board met yesterday afternoon. One of the topics on their agenda was adding ‘gender identity’ to their anti bullying policy number (4000).

You can read the full text here, but part of the new text reads:

The Board prohibits discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on any of the following protected classifications: race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, socioeconomic status, academic status, gender identity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, mental, physical, developmental, or sensory disability, immigration status, or any other classification that is protected by law, regulation or this policy.

The Board further prohibits discrimination against a person perceived to have any of the above characteristics or against a person for associating with someone protected by this policy.

The board passed it.

WNCN seems to have the only coverage of this point, so far:

Also Tuesday, the school board updated its nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity.

The board started looking into the change months before House Bill 2 passed.

The Keep NC Safe Coalition spoke out against the change by telling the board it would violate students’ privacy in bathrooms.

But board members said the change has nothing to do with bathrooms but rather protecting kids from being harassed.

“Please consider a solution that respects all students’ and parents’ beliefs and rights. Do not expand the nondiscrimination policy of the school system to include gender identity to make a political statement,” said Amy Wilmoth of Durham.

Heidi Carter, chair of Durham School Board, said the policy is about not allowing bullying.

“This policy is about not allowing bullying of our students or harassment. That’s what this policy is about. There’s no mention of the word bathroom,” Carter said.

The school district works with families of transgender students to accommodate them in bathrooms with one stall or in faculty bathrooms.

A district spokesman said the policy does not violate HB2.

Doesn’t violate HB 2? Some parents might disagree. If you are a parent unhappy with these changes and would be interested in taking legal action, contact me at  my email address: TheLL1885@gmail.com

No mention of the word bathroom, but they just opened the door for rationalizations of ‘gender identity’ being added to any other policy — including facilities access.

All a student now has to do is complain that by not being allowed access to the facility of their choice, they are being bullied. Is the Durham Board that daft? Or perhaps they’re just that smart.


There is video of this meeting now available. Skip ahead to the 3:29:17 mark to hear the speakers who showed up to oppose this policy change.

Board member Carter’s response was to imply that the speakers had not read the policy and they needed ‘clarity’.  The reality was these speakers read the policy and understood the implications — that’s why they were there to address the board in there first place.

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