WCPSS Director Of Equity Affairs Leads ‘Discipline’ Forum With Fed Officials

Zero Tolerance ZoneThe “school to prison pipeline” narrative continues in Wake County Schools.  Suing wasn’t enough.

The statistics are impressive, yet to date no one has investigated the cases involved.

The statistics, by themselves, are being pointed to by various far left activist groups as proof of racism in schools.  No data or cases have been provided, just generalized complaints based on perception.

Excerpt from ABC 11, emphasis added:

Listening to concerned Wake County parents share stories of how their children were disciplined in school, four members of the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights sat on the front row inside a packed community forum, taking notes.

The two-hour forum, put on by activist groups who filed a federal complaint of racial discrimination against the state’s largest school system five years ago, was held at Vital Link School Event Center in Raleigh.

Organizers told ABC11 to stop recording as parents and other stakeholders began speaking at the public meeting.

Dr. Rodney Trice, Assistant Superintendent for Equity Affairs was among Wake County Public School System administrators in the audience. He said he was eager to hear directly from parents and students about how to create solutions to racial disparities in school discipline.

Read the whole thing. Pay attention to the tweets embedded in the article.

Parents want their complaints heard, but according to the “organizers” don’t you dare record any of it?  Why not?

Who are the “organizers”?  Are they referring to the U.S. Department of Education? Rodney Trice?

Or are the “organizers” outfits like far left activist groups? Groups such as the Youth Organizing Institute, NC HEAT, Education Justice Alliance, Dignity In Schools and the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African-American Children (CCCAAC)?  I’ve covered these groups extensively here on the blog.

All roads for these groups and this narrative lead back to the democrat born idea of ‘zero tolerance’ and a union with Black Lives Matter and Blueprint NC.

Also, Trice is actually the Director of Equity Affairs last time I checked.  The  Director of the office of “Equity Affairs” costs taxpayers $125k.

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4 Responses to WCPSS Director Of Equity Affairs Leads ‘Discipline’ Forum With Fed Officials

  1. Cherise Dixon says:

    Didn’t mean for this to be part of the post! Can you delete it?



  2. Kathy says:

    I taught in a maximum security prison, violent offenders. I talked with them a lot. They all had exactly one thing in common — LOUSY PARENTS!

    Nobody talked about racism or poor schools or lack of opportunities. They talked about dads who were never there, often in prison or just not taking part in their lives, mothers who ignored them, lack of adult family members who paid any attention to them, lack of supervision at home, and very often parents who taught them how to steal from a young age.

    The schools didn’t send those guys to prison. Their parents did.


  3. Cherise Dixon says:

    You should see our new school being built off of green level church road (?) Andrew and I were commenting looks like a jail! He said most schools are like jails.



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