WCPSS Democrat Controlled Board Wants Another Bond

The Wake County School Board is discussing asking voters to approve yet another bond.

News and Observer:

County finance staff on Wednesday presented potential scenarios involving having a November 2016 school construction bond referendum to cover the next four years or to have the Wake County Board of Commissioners borrow enough money until a school bond is placed on the May 2018 ballot.

The final decision on the timing of the bond referendum rests with commissioners, but the school board will have its say. If a decision is made for a 2016 referendum, the school board has until June 7 to pass a resolution asking commissioners to issue bonds for school projects.

“I want to see the green,” school board member Bill Fletcher said at Wednesday’s facilities committee meeting. “That’s all I’m concerned about. They can fund it any way they want to.”

The last Wake school bond referendum of $810 million was approved by voters in October 2013, with the next one projected to be in October 2017. But that’s no longer an option because a 2014 state law forces Wake to only hold a countywide referendum when all the polling places are open in even-numbered years.

The article goes on to say the WCPSS board is looking for this to be an $850 million dollar bond. And yes, you read the excerpt right — this comes just a few years after an $810 million dollar bond.

Mr. Fletcher likes his “green” — the taxpayer’s.

One commenter on the article kinda nailed it:


Last year’s state budget includes additional teacher raises yet our Democratic school board and Commissioners feel the need to give them a third raise in two years. This has increased our real estate taxes by over 15.3% in these two years. The bond passed in November of 2013 increased taxes by 9%. Merrill and the board increased it another 6.3% with the current budget. Add it up. Look at the future increases.

In November of 2016 they will be presenting a two billion dollar school bond that will increase it another 22%. The school system’s plan to increase new teachers’ salaries over the next four years will increase taxes by 2.3% a year for the next four years. Add these up. We could be talking a minimum increase in rates over the next several years of well over 50%.

These increases are for just raises. Do you seriously think they will need more of our money for other things. This does not even include the wasted transit referendum coming in 2016. Our taxes go up naturally with the increase in the value of our homes. The average increase was just 6% which is another tax increase. The Commissioners Board just increased our taxes yet again by voting for assessments every four years instead of eight. Voters that elected these clowns have no basis to complain. At least they campaigned in increasing spending and increasing taxes. I challenge anyone to find another part of the country that has had their real estate taxes increase at these rates.

Another commenter mentioned that WCPSS has yet to get their projected student population right.

This continued pattern of miscalculating enrollment is something Bob Luebke at Civitas has pointed out recently. Luebke also has noted the sharp uptick in homeschool growth in Wake county:

In addition, over the past three years, the number of new homeschoolers is up more than 2,800 students. There are now more than 10,400 homeschoolers in Wake County.

I’ve also noted this trend and, in fact, Wake county has the largest number of homeschools in the state. Read my prior article on the growth of school choice in Wake county under Common Core and this Democratic controlled board.

Wake county taxpayers, it’s time to put our spend-happy board in check.

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