WCPSS: All Aboard the ‘Equity’ Train

Last Summer, I wrote about the hiring of Rodney Trice as the Director of “Equity Affairs” for Wake County Schools.  Trice is being paid $125k for that position.

In that 2014 article, I mentioned this was part of dealing with the ‘school to prison pipeline’ narrative and various related lawsuits filed against the district.

A recent article at News and Observer confirms I was right: Wake County to discuss equitable student discipline plan

Get ready for the new ‘equity’ report card.

I asked N&O’s Keung Hui if this ‘equity’ push was related to legal suits.

Update: 2010 complaint:

The N&O article links to the student achievement committee meeting, where talks about ‘equity’ occurred. There were two supporting documents attached there.

Scroll down to page 6 of ‘student achievement committee comp plan handout’ and you find a section that includes “tasks”.  One of them is setting up the ‘office of equity affairs’.

Another of the tasks to achieve ‘equity’ in Wake Schools involves training of various types. Number three on the “tasks” list is “Provide Cultural Responsive PBIS training for all PBIS schools.” Translated that is training teachers to identify their ‘white privilege‘.

Nowhere in the presentation materials is the term ‘equity’ really defined. I guess one could infer from the materials that ‘equity’ means cutting the overall number of suspension, expulsions and discipline for minority students because… ‘fairness’?

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    So we just turn a blind eye to problem kids and that fixes the problem? All it does it fix the numbers it does nothing to address the problem. We will see bad behavior escalate once kids find out they won’t be punished or thrown out of school. This is pushing an environment of anarchy. As I keep saying…..if you care about your kids at all you will get them out of the system. There is more to life than cable TV, cell phones, new cars, big houses, dinner out etc etc. Your kids should be #1 on the list.


  2. Father Paul Lemmen says:

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