Some reMARKable Selective Editing – #ncpol #nced

Well it appears that reMARKable Mark Johnson has decided to go negative against Dr. Rosemary Stein in the NC Superintendent’s race.

I received an email from him titled, “Talking Down To Teachers?”.

Go get the popcorn.

The email reads:

I’m Mark Johnson, and I’m running to be your NC Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

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I started my career as an NC public school teacher, so I’ve seen firsthand the challenges that our teachers face.

I’m also a father. My wife and I have worked hard to ensure that when our daughter starts school, she knows to respect her teachers.  Respect for teachers – I think it’s safe to say that’s something we can agree all students should have.

Shouldn’t we expect the same respect for teachers from the Superintendent of Public Instruction?

Unfortunately, Dr. Stein (who is also seeking this seat) does NOT give teaches the respect they deserve, suggesting that teaching is easy.  On Facebook, Dr. Stein writes that “Education is not rocket science.”

Then, at a recent candidate forum, Dr. Stein doubled-down, stating that “Teaching is not that difficult.” (click to watch)

This continues Dr. Stein’s troubling trend of insulting North Carolinians.  Previously, Stein criticized vocational education students, comparing them to “second class citizens.” When confronted with her statements, Stein did not deny them and, in fact, embraced her viewpoint.

I’m Mark Johnson, and I am running to be your NC Superintendent of Public Instruction because we need to lift up teachers – not talk down to teachers.

With your help, we can make NC public schools reMARKable!

So I watched the clip.

It’s a loop of Dr. Stein saying, “Teaching is not that difficult.”

Gee, sounds bad, right?

However, I know a load of crap when I see it — all 9 seconds of crap to be exact.

I reached out to Dr. Stein. Once I heard what was fully said, it was clear that Mr. Johnson had done some reMARKable selective editing — both with the video and with her statements on vocational students.

Stein elaborated on what she had been saying just prior in the video. Stein said that her comments centered on the many burdens, bureaucracy and red tape were being placed on our teachers and that it was making it nearly impossible for them to just simply do their job.

You know what is “talking down to teachers”,  Mr. Johnson? A Teach for America grad who blows out of the classroom like a Summer wind after a few short years.

The News and Observer article Johnson links to really doesn’t say what he thinks it says.

Embracing education that elevates the student to make their own choices is not a bad thing, Mr. Johnson. It’s the point of education.

If anything, the News and Observer piece acknowledges that Stein, unlike Johnson, has a plan she’s willing to talk about and rightly notes that our current system is locking them into an education that is dictating what students should become. Stein is correct: What we have in place now is increasingly becoming a hindrance to striving for the American Dream.

Johnson’s answer is puzzling, “The American dream is for everyone, Johnson said.”

Did he even listen to what Stein said? It appears not. Apparently, Johnson disagrees and thinks school should be about pigeonholing kids into particular skill sets?  Really?

Then again, what should we expect from a guy getting money from a  gun grabbing nanny like Mike Bloomberg? This is par for the course for a Teach for America man who got his training then ditched teaching like a bad habit.

What’s more Johnson’s campaign filings show that he is continuing to get campaign directions from Teach for America’s political arm, Leadership in Educational Equity (LEE).

Let’s be clear about who Mr. Johnson is taking his marching orders from here:

TFA capitol memeBoth Teach for America and Leadership in Educational Equity are ardent Common Core supporters.

Teach for America is a political outfit masquerading as sub-par teacher training school.

Leadership in Educational Equity is not about Education. It is not about Equity. It is about taking Teach for America grads and placing then in state and federal political Leadership.

I am sure Mr. Johnson has read this and I’ll dispell any ambiguity on where I stand for him:

No to you.
No to your backers.
No to your corporate, politically driven, top down view of Education.

Your little selective editing stunt represents what  parents like me have been fighting since Common Core came along.  And you’ve officially ticked me off.

Congrats, that’s really a reMARKable accomplishment.

Folks, read about Dr. Stein. Go give her a donation.


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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  1. Cyclops618 says:

    Good advice! Conservatives should get behind the candidacy of Dr. Rosemary Stein. She is the only candidate running for Superintendent of DPI will take on the public education bureaucracy and push for conservative educational reforms.


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