#WCPSS School Board Ticked Off School Choice Is Booming

Another day, another set of echo chamber remarks from the “equity” obsessed Wake County School Board.

At the Wake Board’s recent retreat, the board was ticked off that school choice, in the form of Charter schools, is booming in the district. Instead of asking why, their response was to sling insults at charter schools and by proxy, parents choosing charters for their children.

News and Observer; emphasis added:

“In our discussion, it frequently comes up we’re trying to compare about competition with charters,” Martin said. “I think we need to be really cautious about that comparison.

“If we look at a lot of the choice of charters, it has been a choice to resegregate. We don’t want to be involved in that competition.”

Martin was talking about how charter schools in Wake County tend to have either much higher percentages of white students or higher percentage of black students than the district. Not many charters mirror the school district’s demographics.

Martin said the district has already got enough magnet schools and innovative programming that he wanted to talk more about what they can do for most of the schools as opposed to having more one-off schools.

School board member Christine Kushner followed up Martin’s remarks by talking about how magnet schools help Wake provide choice in an “ethical way,” unlike charter schools. Like Martin, Kushner has had children attend the magnet program.

Did you catch that in the emphasized section above, parents?

Wait-whatThe subtext there is charters are racist and so are you for choosing to send your child to one.

Kushner went on to gush about the magnet program, which frankly is just slapping a label on a school in order to draw more “diversity” to any given school. It’s like slapping Common Core on a textbook that’s decades old.

Let’s break it down some more:

First, Charters in North Carolina ARE public schools.

Second, Martin is wrong. Charters are not more segregated than traditional public schools. If you’re basing the success of a school only on race, you are doing it wrong. This board’s obsession with “equity” and “diversity” is really getting old. How about obsessing about actual academics?

Third, Charters are not stealing money from public schools. Charters are generally underfunded in comparison with traditional public schools to the tune of .74 cents on the dollar. In fact, when it comes to transportation and building costs, districts save money when charters are opened.

Fourth, homeschooling is also booming in Wake county. In fact, Wake county has the largest population of homeschoolers.

Fifth, this board yet again doesn’t ask the question, why are parents heading for the exits in droves? Why, as Mr. Benton put it, are Charters ‘stealing’ students?

Hold the mirror in front of your own faces, Wake School Board. The answer is partly you.

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