Here Come The Election Year Op Eds – #StuffAtkinsonSays

Over at EducationNC, Superintendent Atkinson has an Op Ed telling us what her vision of the future of education is in the year 2025.

The long and short of Atkinson’s vision of 2025:

  • Schools won’t teach those ‘old methods’.
    Old methods — You know, like the ones that sent men to the moon?
  • Kids will learn everything by ‘doing’.
    Like kids have since the dawn of time but aren’t being allowed to anymore under Common Core, especially in K-3?
  • Kids will all have their own ‘educational coach’.
    Yeah, that’s called a PARENT. You know, those folks you routinely dismiss?

That vision of Atkinson’s doesn’t include is saying the words “Common Core”. That doesn’t mean that isn’t what she’s really talking about.

It’s an election year. She’s running. Common Core is toxic and she is THE most responsible party for the catastrophe it has been in North Carolina. Do the Common Core math, people. Our media won’t hold her accountable or make her say it, so citizens have to.

I nearly spit my coffee out reading the final two paragraphs.

Emphasis added is mine:

So how do we get there? First, educators need professional development to help them transition from the way we teach today to the way students will learn in the future. Our path to 2025 also should include the move to extended employment for teachers. Educators are professionals. Many other professions offer employees extensive paid training, development, and advancement opportunities. Teaching should be no different.

And finally, society must accept that the traditional pieces of education that so many are familiar with today are becoming irrelevant and will eventually fade away. Grades, segmented courses and seat time will soon join the film projector as things of the past. The real question is not when all of these changes will come but instead, how can we start preparing today so that teachers, schools, and this state will be ready for the exciting things on the horizon?

You know what’s irrelevant? Educrats. How about we get them to fade away?

These closing paragraphs are so hilariously condescending in the face of the grade of “F” given to NC’s screening of problem teachers, not to mention insulting ‘society’ for their rejection of Common Core.

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  1. K says:

    She hasn’t got a clue. OR she’s a total windbag and knows everything she says is a lie.


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