GUEST POST: Marco Rubio fails to Walk the Talk

GUEST POST ICONThe following article is a Guest Post submitted  by a North Carolinian wishing to remain anonymous.


Marco Rubio fails to Walk the Talk

Listen carefully to what Marco Rubio says. More importantly, watch what he does and note his inactions.

Marco Rubio fails to use his Senate job to carry the torch for liberty. He could stand and fight the status quo; instead he campaigns. Let’s take a look at the Omnibus Bill which was rammed through at the last-minute before Christmas. Rubio said he would have voted against it.

Do you really believe him?

If he voted against it, he would have been on the record voting against funding President Obama’s agenda including sanctuary cities, implementation of the awful Iran deal, climate change regulations, illegal executive orders, Planned Parenthood, a gift to unions delaying the ObamaCare $800 billion cadillac tax, etc.

How interesting to see Rubio’s “safe ad”, which calls out some these items in the Omnibus Bill. So why wouldn’t he go on the record with such an important “no” vote? Well, in addition to the items listed above, he would have voted against increased military spending. Rubio could not let that happen because it would further expose his Saul Alinsky-type tactics against Senator Ted Cruz.

Recall how Rubio hammers Cruz for voting against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which also increased military spending but funded a massive federal land grab and a failed Syrian Rebel training program.

It’s that simple, Rubio could not speak against the Omnibus Bill on the floor of the Senate nor vote against it because it would counter his tactics against Cruz. So Rubio missed the vote and used his POTUS campaign as the excuse. Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted and spoke out against the Omnibus Bill. Senator Rubio failed to walk the talk.

Where else has Marco Rubio failed to walk the talk? I won’t cover the Gang of Eight Bill here because that has received a lot of attention. There has also been a lot of discussion regarding Rubio’s weak view of privacy rights in the name of security. Rubio fully backs increased surveillance by the NSA.

Let me touch on a little known but important issue. Did you know Rubio has co-sponsored a bill to weaken due process for college students? Think back to the Duke Lacrosse case as you study Rubio’s bill (he has partnered with Senators Ayotte, Gillibrand and McCaskill), College students, especially males and parents should study the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA).

Don’t be fooled by the name of the bill; details matter. Sexual assault is a serious crime and I’m not saying that it isn’t an important issue. Our Constitution is built on the rule of law including due process. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Read More:

So it’s not just the Gang of Eight Bill and expansion of NSA surveillance — Marco Rubio’s judgment should be questioned on CASA, another legislative blunder.

Do you think Rubio reads the bills he supports? I don’t think he writes them.

Marco Jedi Mind TrickBeware of the Jedi mind tricks especially during the debates where Rubio effectively delivers key lines for soundbites which later appear in campaign ads.

If you don’t trust him as a senator, how can you trust him as President?

Rubio often fails to walk the talk especially on upholding our Constitution


About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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5 Responses to GUEST POST: Marco Rubio fails to Walk the Talk

  1. Ebrun says:

    It’s very disappointing to see this blog publish an anonymous hit piece on a young, dynamic conservative who has a chance to make a difference in 2016. The liberal blogs are claiming conservatives and Republicans are engaging in a circular firing squad. Unfortunately, publishing this piece suggests that they may be right.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      It’s very disappointing to see a reader want to squash alternate points of view on this blog.
      Should I have just killed the piece and silenced a different opinion than one held by others?
      Come on.


      • Ebrun says:

        Alternative points of view are what this blog is known for. Any chance of seeing a hit piece here, anonymous or otherwise, on Ted Cruz or Donald Trump?


      • A.P. Dillon says:

        If one is submitted, I will publish it.


      • Ebrun says:

        I suppose that’s being fair, but I won’t be writing hit pieces on any of the right-of-center candidates. There is plenty of unfair criticism and over-the-top vitriol aimed at conservative candidates from the MSM and left wing bloggers and pundits. I would urge conservatives to focus their ire on Democrats and other left wingers and refrain from attacking fellow conservatives, at least for the current election season.


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