McCrory Announces New Ed Adviser, Same As Old One?

Governor McCrory announced his new Education Adviser this week to replace Eric Guckian.  Her name is Catherine Truitt and no one I’ve spoken to knows much about her.

That doesn’t bode well.

Some details From the Press Release:

Prior to joining the International Center for Leadership in Education in 2012, Truitt was an English teacher at West Johnson High School in Benson. She came to that position after teaching English Literature and Media Studies at Uxbridge College Academy in London, England where her husband was stationed with the JAG Corps at US Naval Activities in Ruislip.
Truitt was also a co-founder and served as Curriculum Director for Ridge Academy, a private, parent-founded elementary school.
Truitt and her husband have three children who attend schools in the Johnston County Schools system.

Ok, well that gives us a little something to go on but her LinkedIn page gives us more:

“Skilled at assisting schools in implementation of Common Core State Standards Initiative and Essential Learning standards.”

Well, of course, Governor Rebrand would pick someone who backs Common Core and comes from an outfit that is into the “digital learning” push.

Here’s what I pieced together on Ms. Truitt on the fly:

  • Her full name is Catherine Lauterbach Truitt.
  • There is a question as to whether she is related to Dr. Cathy E. Truitt who ran for Wake School board unsuccessfully in 2009. Cathy E. Truitt, according to a bio of her that I found, also was with the International Center for Leadership in Education at one time.
  • She, unlike Eric Guckian, is a Republican.
  • Her husband is Jeffrey James Truitt; also a Republican. He is an attorney with Smith Anderson Law firm. He was also appointed by Governor McCrory to the North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examiners in February 2014.

Nothing earthshattering, but it would be nice to know who else made the list to replace Guckian.

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  3. Kathy Young says:

    I’ll bet money she’s a big fan of common core and knows all the talking points. One more foe to vanquish.


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