#DM7 Article: Hillary’s Videos Have Appalling Mixed Message

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column:  Hillary’s Videos Have Appalling Mixed Message

By A.P. Dillon

In political races, fence riding by candidates is a given.  Hillary Clinton has been the mother of all fence riders so far, but her two videos that dropped on the same day earlier this week go beyond fence riding.

On her campaign site, Clinton launched “Dorothy“.  It’s an old timey flash back to her mom and her rough beginnings. The overarching theme Clinton uses here is that she’s in the presidential race for “the Dorothys”; she’s in it for the moms.

I watched the whole thing.  If campaign videos were ranked by Rotten Tomatoes, it wouldn’t have gotten past 10%.

The Dorothy video was stiff, insincere and tried way too hard to humanize Hillary to the extent it had the opposite effect. It made me ask, if her mom was this great person, what the Hell happened to Hillary?

Now, hopping over to YouTube, the Hillary Clinton drops a 2 minute long defense of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton tries to sell Planned Parenthood as a healthcare provider despite the fact they have just been exposed as operating a horrifying and illegal infant body part chop shop —  for profit.

What’s more, she tries to blame Republicans for being horrified and wanting public funding  stopped, stating “If this feels like a full on assault on women’s health, that’s because it is.”


Opposing public dollars to fund poking around in what looks like a slurry of infant body parts to find viable parts to sell is an assault on women’s health?

This video was purely political and in that two minutes she tags Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry for the apparent crime of valuing life.

Clinton goes from finding the CMP videos ‘disturbing‘ to defending Planned Parenthood within a 4 day window.

On Tuesday, a 5th video dropped, but I guess we should have expected this from a Margaret Sanger Award winner.

On Clinton’s campaign site for donations, Clinton is all about ‘moms’. On her YouTube channel, it’s all about defending an organization makes sure that hundreds of thousands of women each year do not become moms.

Is the media worried about this appalling mixed message? No, just about Clinton’s “performance” in the videos.

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