July NC Common Core Commission Meeting Postmortem

The North Carolina Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) tasked with reviewing and making recommendations on the Common Core Standards met on Monday, July 20th.

On the agenda were three speakers: Kip Blakely, NC Chamber of Commerce, Hope Williams, President of NC Independent Colleges and Universities and once again, Dr. Garland, Department of Public Instruction.

Please see my Storify Article for my live tweet commentary from the first half of the meeting. I also give a number of links to more information not included in the Bios for Blakely and Williams.

Under scrutiny, Blakely’s testimony revealed that his company was basically using the public education system for recruiting and training purposes. It is interesting to note Blakely’s testimony didn’t mention Common Core by name and his statement is not on the ASRC website materials list for the meeting. In the interest of transparency, Blakely’s statement should be added.

Take note of my tweets that mention Dr. William’s and her direct reference to the John LockeFoundation’s John Hood, who had an article out that day about the NC NAEP scores. The Hood article appeared at EducationNC, of course:

I was only able to personally attend the first half of the meeting and missed Dr. Garland’s
presentation. I now regret that, as the presentation was about the NAEP scores that DPI is touting to prove Common Core is ‘working’.

Garland sliced and diced the data by Traditional calendar schools versus Year Round schools. The display of the data in this manner is in line with the recent Educrat/reformer push to eliminate Traditional calendar schools.

I sincerely hope someone asked Garland why she chose to break the data out by calendar type, if the EOG is Common Core aligned (if yes, how long?) and where the scores from the previous two years were?

Final note, be sure to check out the Survey summary documents for the math. Some of the
feedback is contradictory yet much of it supports the age/developmental inappropriateness complaints, as well as progression complaints.

Note that only summaries are posted and not the full survey. In the interest of transparency, the full survey data should be added.

Full meeting minutes were taken courtesy of Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association. They can be viewed here.  Meeting materials can be found here.

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