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EducationNC Promotes Gates Backed Hope Street Group

Surprise, surprise. EducationNC has an article up about the Bill Gates backed Hope Street Group. This dovetails nicely with the article I published earlier this morning on yet another Hope Street Group Fellow writing a pro-Common Core Op Ed.

Hope Street Group and outfits like them are an attempt to combat the fact that Common Core was NOT state-led, but in fact Fed-Led and Gates-led. Continue reading

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PR Firm EducationNC on Book Controversies: Parents, Let the Experts Decide

PR Firm, EducationNC, has a new article up by Ann McColl. She harps on the policy of the schools as having the right to decide what your kid reads and sees at school.

In a nutshell: Parents, you should let the ‘experts’ decide what your kids read and learn.

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Gee, A Little Heavy Handed With the Common Core Love @EducationNC?

EducationNC is clearinghouse for driving education narratives. I’ve said this from day one and I stand by it. I’m not alone in that assessment, the public sees it too.

Two new cases in point, the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) meets today and EducationNC throws up two really rather sadly trite pro-Common Core articles.


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More PR From EducationNC

More PR from @EducationNC #nced #stopcommoncore Is the debate over education’s Common Core the wrong debate?

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) February 16, 2015

More narrative driving.

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More Narratives from EducationNC’s Founder

Who has the power?

Not the people.

More narratives from Education NC’s founder; skips the fact Education in NC is being driven by business and the money they wield.

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Another Education “Non-profit”: EducationNC

On Monday, yet another ‘non-profit’ dealing with education was launched in North Carolina.

Officially launching EdNC – Including you in a conversation about our public schools – visit to learn more #nced

— EducationNC (@EducationNC) January 12, 2015

I went digging:

@EducationNC How are you different from every other “non-profit” for education in NC funded by SAS, Goodnight, ZSmith? #ncpol #nced — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) January 12, 2015

This was the answer:

@LadyLiberty1885 @EducationNC is a nonpartisan news source engaging NC in a bipartisan conversation. Coming 1/13

— Mebane Rash (@Mebane_Rash) January 12, 2015


KEEP READING — See who EducationNC is & who supports them. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: A Diversity Inventory, a Bill and a Scholarship

This installment of NCED Updates includes a Diversity Inventory, a Bill and a Scholarship. Also, more “equity” talk with no solutions and some state and national headlines. Continue reading

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