Sen. Tillman On Opportunity Scholarships – Watch Out For Muslim Schools?

Senator Tillman continues to harp on school choice options, mainly what he thinks is the appropriate choice for Opportunity Scholarship applicants.

What the parents think is right for their child? Not really a factor for the Senator, apparently.

His main focus seems to be on “Muslim schools”.  He stopped short of calling them “Schools of Terror” like NC Superintendent June Atkinson did.

Someone ask the Senator how many of those “Muslim schools” there are in North Carolina and whether those parents should be able to decide as to which school their kids go to learn. Here’s a hint – you can probably county them on your fingers.

By the way, here’s the law regulating private schools. There are plenty of regulations in place.

From Sen. Tillman’s weekly newsletter:

And the State will pay for it…

Under North Carolina’s present Opportunity Scholarship program the state (taxpayers) will pay for Muslim students to attend Muslim schools in North Carolina.  As further icing on the cake, they can teach whatever they choose to teach and the State will not oversee nor regulate what they teach.  No, I’m not making this up.  It is the law.  Taxpayers who have half a brain wouldn’t have any part of this.  Unless the State Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional—it is now in their hands—it will continue.  You might think this dangerous precedent is ok—don’t expect me to join this illogical and ill-advised folly. 

Will the NC Supreme Court rule against the State paying for Muslims and other religious education?  Your guess is as good as mine… We’ll see… A ruling is expected this Spring. 

I don’t know what the Muslim Schools are teaching; neither do you—chances are we will only know when the damage has been done.  That’s the law…As Johnny Cash said, “I don’t like it, but I guess things happen that way.” 

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