NC Common Core Commission December Meeting Notice (UPDATED)

Dont mend it end itThe next meeting of the NC Common Core Commission (a.k.a. Academic Standards Review Commission) will be held on December 15th from 1-5 pm.

This will be the fourth meeting. As far as we know, still no funding.

There is still next to NO content on their website. No minutes. No agendas. No email conversations. No presentation materials.
NADA.  This is transparency?!?

Details via Dept. of Administration website:

December 15, 2014

Academic Standards Review Commission – The Commission will meet from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Commission Room, 5th Floor, Administration Building, 116 W. Jones St., Raleigh. The purpose of the meeting is to continue the Commission’s comprehensive review of all English Language and Mathematics standards that were adopted by the State Board of Education under G.S. 115C-12(9c), and propose modifications to ensure that those standards meet all of the criteria listed in Section 2(c) of Senate Bill 812. Please contact Co-Chairs Andre Peek at or Jeannie Metcalf at for more information.



The website has been modified since the original posting of this article on 12/3/14.

Agenda, November’s meeting minutes and the ASRC ‘Issue Collection’ template have been added. These items can be found on the upcoming meetings schedule page.

From the looks of the agenda, the plan for the December 15th meeting is to evaluate the ELA and Math presentations given by DPI using their Issue Collection template. Really?

Since there’s a category for parent impact on that template, I encourage parents to send emails to co-chairs Andre Peek at and Jeannie Metcalf at

Parents, copy your state representation on that that email and include the following line: “Share this email with the entire commission.”

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