More thoughts on WCPSS’s #Selfiegate

In case you missed it, Wake County Public Schools is considering banning selfies and videos taken by students during the school day.

The Daily Haymaker has a good run down. Go read it.

Daily Haymaker’s article stopped short of addressing the hypocritical and big brotherly comments made by Wake School Board member, Jim Martin.

Martin, the board member, said Wake needs to check with parents who don’t give consent. He called it an “equity issue” to make sure that students aren’t denied technology access because their parents forgot to fill out the paperwork.

Martin said some parents may feel strongly about their children not having access to a device, which could be used to reach inappropriate material. The downside to requiring parents to opt in, however, could arise if some parents simply fail to take steps that would allow their children increased opportunities for learning, he said. – News and Observer

inigoGot that?

Because you, the parent, didn’t opt-in, WCPSS gets to check you out because… ‘equity’.

Martin uses the guise of ‘equity’ for possibly collecting information through an opt-in program to assess what your household does or does not have in terms of technology devices.

Update: Students rebelling?

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