See What ‘Just standards’ Looks Like for A Second Grader

The pro-Common Core Mantra: “It’s just a set of standards.”

See what my child has been doing in Common Core math. My kid is good at math, but is being forced to learn multiple strategies regardless of what works best for him. Then he has to ‘explain’ them in writing.

These documents I’m talking about were created by Wake County Schools.  This is Common Core aligned curriculum and yes, the kids have to do it the ‘Common Core way’.

Note the first two pages are ONE document, which had a front and back side.

Now imagine you’re the parent on the receiving end trying to help your kid with a very BASIC concept, yet the emphasis isn’t on the basics.The emphasis is on making the kids write out ‘how they know’ multiple strategies work.

Dr. Scheik on the Academic Standard Review Committee said these standards were ridiculous for the average parent or layperson to decipher. Looking at what has been coming home shows Dr. Scheik is spot-on.

Note the terminology used in the directions like the “Addition with partners of 100” page.  I had my child read the directions aloud:

“Solve each equation. Justify the solution using a different model for each equation.”

I then asked my kid if he understood the direction. He shook his head no and asked me what justify and solution meant. Imagine that’s a kid with no homework help in sight.
These documents seem to be written for adults, not kids.

Parents in North Carolina need to be aware that the standard line from NC’s Superintendent has been that there are no tests with Common Core. I’ve come to find out that’s not really true.

Each of the standards is being assessed as the kids do them. In the case of Wake county, each assessment is logged in Powerschool to form the child’s overall grade.


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