So, Who Showed Up To Excellence In Ed’s Annual Event?

Jeb Bush’s Excellence in Ed held its 2014 Summit this week.

Welcome to a “really good fight”.

Jeb BushThe guy who is pushing a one size fits all experiment which is locking states and schools across the country into one set of fundamentally flawed and experimental standards is talking about ‘school choice’.

That’s rich.


The sponsor list was a who’s who of Common Core profiteers.  While the sponsors were listed, the attendees were not.  Come on, show us the list, Excellence In Ed:

A number of big names showed up —  big political names. Gee, this isn’t a dual purpose summit, now is it? 2016….

Education equality? Like the one size fits all Common Core? Notice the first big words on top of the poster?

By the way, for North Carolina readers, Rep. Craig Horn was there.  Rep. Horn was a co-sponsor of the repeal common core bill.

“Justice”, “Right To Rise”, “Civil Rights”.

Was this a Union event or an education summit? And “zip code”?? Was this banner backdrop supposed to be a Close Reading assignment or something?  Good grief.


The room was packed. Citizens should find out if any of their state officials were there, including legislators.


A funny thing happened, it appears media was not allowed to attend the panels. There’s that Common Core transparency we’ve all come to know!

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