So What Does Moral Monday Do Now?

This week, the Reverend Barber and his merry band of big government, big spending extreme leftists got their asses handed to them when North Carolinians headed to the polls.

Rev. William BarberThe big cries about ‘voter suppression’ utterly fell flat. Almost nothing changed at the General Assembly. Hagan was shown the door. Moral Monday racked up arrests for what exactly? Oh, right – so Barber could get a book and film out of it and more air-time on MSNBC.

Hey MoMo’s? Are you seeing any money out of those deals?

Barber is continuing his ineffective haranguing, but one can’t help laugh at this point.

Check out the dueling headlines:


WRAL headline: NAACP: Tillis won because of voter law, not policies
WNCN headline: NC NAACP president requests meeting with Tillis, McCrory

But.. But.. Voter Suppression!!!
Yeah, not so much. Let’s look at the facts.

Voter turnout was at a historic high for NC midterms, early voting was up and 2,916,068 ballots were cast. In fact, early voting was up 20% compared to 2010. Part of that was due to the increased number of early voting sites.

Exit polls showed only 36 percent of those voters were Democrats; the lowest percentage for Dems in exit polls since 1984. Looks like Democrats might have been ‘suppressing’ themselves by staying home.

The Black vote was not suppressed either; it was up in NC when comparing it to the previous midterms in 2010.

Republicans kept their super-majority and added to it in the Senate. They only lost 4 seats in the House, however they gained one as well.  Republicans gained a seat in the Senate.  When you take the House and Senate gains and losses and cancel them out, they overall only lost two seats.

Becki Gray at The Locker Room notes the pick ups at the NCGA and more. Emphasis added:

If the NCGA was wondering if they should continue the momentum they started in 2010, I think they got their sign last night. The Senate GOP held on to all their seats and picked up one for a total of 34 out of 50. The House GOP lost 4 but picked up one for a total of 74 out of 120.  The average NCGA loss for a governor’s party in their first mid-term election is 22 seats. The GOP had a net loss of 2 seats in the state legislature last night. Wow! Despite misleading and vicious attacks on their transformational policies over the last four years on education, tax, regulations, energy and health care policies, North Carolinians sent a clear message from across the state– keep it up.

Gray also noted 10 counties had tax increases on the ballot and 8 said no. The new Wake County Commissioners might want to keep that one in mind.

So, what does Moral Monday do now?  It appears continuing to embarrass themselves isn’t an option.

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