#NCSEN: Hagan Literally Upstaged by DREAMERS (VIDEO)

Kay Hagan was literally upstaged at her own rally. Cringeworthy.


Hagan has been under fire by DREAMERS and immigration advocates across North Carolina in the past few weeks.

Since the President won’t be acting until after the election yet again and his policies are on the ballot, the Democrats should have seen this coming. Especially Kay Hagan, who has voted with him faithfully all 6 years.

More on the upstaging from Twitter:


UPDATE: News and Observer tries to cover for Hagan by cutting the interruption and inserting still photos. Just wow.

By the way, “Souls to Polls” is a Moral Monday rally.  Forward Together Kay?

UPDATE 10/30/14:  News and Observer PULLED the video.
For now, you can view it here, however.
Clearly they didn’t want their biased editing to favor Kay Hagan floating around out there. The video was taken by “Jill Knight” for News and Observer. Folks should ask News and Observer if Ms. Knight edits all news video in this manner? Are we living in a Banana Republic here?


UPDATE: Thank you to Carolina Plott Hound For linking!

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