WCSB Member Zora Felton Wants To Dig Into Your Kid’s Religion?

In the name of making sure your kid succeeds, Wake County School Board member Zora Felton wants to include your kid’s religion into the mix as part of the costly Wake County Strategic plan.

In theory, the belief that “every student will learn and succeed; therefore, eliminating the predictability of achievement based on ability, income, and race” wouldn’t seem to be too controversial.

But that proposed core belief in the Wake County school system’s draft strategic plandrew some interesting comments at last week’s school board work session. School board member Jim Martin called it a platitude, citing his N.C. State students as an example. Board member Zora Felton suggested they include religion into the belief statement. – News and Observer

That strategic plan? Chock full of Common Core and costing taxpayers over $58k so far. See the related reads at the bottom of the page.

So, let’s be clear here. In the age of Common Core, where our kids are being data tracked to Hell and back, this wacky board want to add in religion?

Inquiring and tracking religious affiliation is something the law, SB 815, expressly prohibits by the way. Is this board and Ms. Felton suggesting the law be violated in the name of making their numbers look better ‘achievement’?

There’s more. Further down in the N&O article, Felton channels Joe Biden:

Later on during Tuesday’s work session, Felton suggested incorporating religion as one of the things to eliminate the predictability of achievement upon.

“I would like to maybe think about adding religion,” Felton said. “It’s not only ability, income, race. It’s sometimes religion. Just because I’m a Hindu from India doesn’t mean I’m smart.”  – News and Observer

YEP. We’re in the very best of hands here in Wake County.


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