NC Governor’s Common Core Commission Pick Swings and Wiffs

Andre Peek wants to talk to experts on Common Core English Language Art.

Will the Governor’s pick start out this ballgame by at least hitting a line drive towards learning the facts? Let’s see — Via News and Observer, emphasis added:

Andre Peek, co-chairman of the new Academic Standards Review Commission, said the body wants to first make sure that it’s familiar with the current Common Core standards before recommending changes to the State Board of Education. He said the commission will review English language arts on Monday and math in November.

Peek said Robin McCoy, director of K-12 curriculum and instruction at the state Department of Public Instruction, will explain the language arts standards to the commission. He said they wanted to hear from people like McCoy who are experts in the subject matter.

SWING… and wiff!

The expert being called is a DPI official. An expert from the NC Department of Public Instruction who eats, drinks, sleeps and pledges allegiance to Common Core. Not a very swift way to start out your first official rebrand meeting, Mr. Peek.

I suggest you hit the comments of that News and Observer article. I’ll reiterate part of one of mine:

“Mr. Peek best invite an alternate view point expert like Dr. Sandra Stotsky lest Mr. Peek’s appointment to this committee be seen as more of a Rebrand rubberstamp than he already is.”

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