‘Our Schools First’ Jumps The Shark With Halloween Handouts

Politicking in our schools? CHECK.
Using kids as props in fliers?  CHECK.
Ruining Halloween by giving kids slips of paper in their treat bags? CHECK.

Wait, what?
Slips of paper handed out on Halloween to push the School Bond referendum?

Boy, “Our Schools First” has completed the trifecta of fail with that one.

It reminds me of the classy move Obama made while campaigning, where they told  people to put donations to his campaign down for their wedding registries.

This is how I found out about this, as sent to me by a parent:

“From the our schools first website:
“Be ready for trick-or-treaters this Halloween–and help us gain support to pass the November 4 bond referendum.
Simply print out either of the two documents below on yellow paper, attach them to your favorite treat, and pass them out on Halloween!”


That same parent has done some digging on this bond issue and contends that Mooresville graded schools is behind this bond push.  The parent sent me this outline of how Mooresville graded school district has used their local school tax money. It would appear from the outline that Mooresville waited silently until they hit critical mass before launching this effort.

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