PAC Shenanigans in #NC41?

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Liberal Gale Adcock is challenging Tom Murry in NC House district 41.  There might be some PAC shenanigans going on with Adcock.

In checking out some of the filings of the candidates, it was noticed that Gale Adcock was treasurer of NP PAC in June 2013. NP PAC is the Nurse Practioners PAC of which Adcock has also given contributions totaling over $1,000 in 2014. See NP PAC’s history.

Adcock used her employer’s business name with her home address to log these contributions: “SAS INSTITUTE 300 LEGAULT DRIVE CARY, NC 27513”.

Fun Fact: SAS has been a major proponent of the fundamentally flawed experiment, Common Core. Neither candidate has been forthcoming on their Common Core position. They should figure it out, it will be a factor at the ballot box.

On December 7th of 2013, Gale Adcock’s campaign received $4,000 from NP PAC, while Adock was still treasurer.  Transfer of the treasurer position did not occur until 2014 and even then, Adcock is still listed as ‘Assistant Treasurer’.

On May 10th, 2014, NP PAC gave the Adcock for House campaign another $5,000.

Pretty sure that using a PAC to mask the funneling money to one’s own campaign isn’t kosher.


 *This story has been updated

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4 Responses to PAC Shenanigans in #NC41?

  1. ajbruno14 says:

    I wonder how much assistance Adcock received from NP PAC on your campaigns for Cary Town Council?


  2. Benjamin Ghazi says:

    has more details.

    300 LEGAULT DRIVE CARY, NC 27513 is her home address


  3. Alex says:

    This really looks bad for the Nurse Practitioner PAC. You should not be able to funnel or launder money from a candidate through a PAC. Hard to understand why the PAC would resort to this since Tom Murry is such a highly regarded legislator in Raleigh. I think the State Board of Elections should investigate this group.


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