Planned Parenthood, Blueprint NC Partner Send Out Pricey Fliers To Teen Males

A parent recently shared some of the mail their teenage son was receiving. Apparently, sending political fliers to a teen who has recently registered to vote is the new hotness.

Three glossy, 3 page front and back color fliers were sent to their son. Three from Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund and three the non-profits behind Aim Higher NC, North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools.  Anyone who knows printing costs knows these fliers were not cheap.

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I’ve scanned the backside of one from each group. See below.

Planned Parenthood’s fliers were mainly a war on women theme. Wonder how that plays with a teen male? (Click here for larger view.)











North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools were predictably education themed and mirror Kay Hagan’s ads — all of which have been debunked multiple times, yet they keep running them. (Click here for a larger view.)


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