More Activism In NC Schools

More fliers and activism in North Carolina schools. This time it’s not an NCAE/Organize2020 protest flier that went home in the backpacks of our children. This time it is Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and a slanted flier about a proposed sales tax hike. Charlotte Observer has a write up here, which of course doesn’t ask questions about the validity of the content of the flier.

“CMS spokeswoman Kathryn Block told the Observer the document “was developed as an informational document only.”
Charlotte Observer

Really? Who developed it and why is the informational document not providing where you drew your information from?


  Char-Meck tweeted out to their over 15,000 followers this two-page flier

While the intent to promote the school’s best interests is clear, what is also clear is the bias.   The first page has three main points, numbers two and three are slanted without a doubt and repeat NCAE rhetoric on the issues.  For example:

“18.5 percent for teachers in the early years of a teaching career to
0.3 percent for veteran teachers.”

Those stats are just like the ones at the NCAE site.

The third claim on the CMS flier one sounds like Moral Monday and their Union groups pushing $15 minimum wage increases.  It’s funny how the CMS flier gives a statement with no supporting evidence, link or source cited. Also what is the definition of “living wage” as CMS cites below?

“Fifty-nine percent of CMS employees earn less than an annual living wage in our area for a family of four (two adults, two children).”

Last year, DPI estimated the average salary at $45,938. Add in benefits provided by the state of NC and that average is really $53, 390. The median income in North Carolina at that time was estimated at $43,916.

Now consider that Charlotte Mecklenburg is the highest paying district in the state because they have the largest supplemental pay rate in the state. Supplements are exactly what they sound like; additional pay added to the base salary. Last year CMS paid the biggest supplement at an average of $6,376 and 9,668 teachers receiving that supplement. But CMS is now promoting the idea that 59% of their teachers don’t make a “living wage” yet live in the highest paying district in the state. A “living wage” that their own flier does not define.  Maybe the NCAE left that detail out.

Meanwhile the top paid officials in Charlotte Mecklenburg all make over 90k – in fact 166 make over 90k and of that 166, there are 69 making over 100k.  Some, like top earner Superintendent Morrison, have compensation topping $300k plus perks.  Clearly, the educrats in Charlotte are making a “living wage”, whatever that is.

Or whole school districts. Pot-ay-toe, Po-tah-toe.

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