CCSSO Pres. Elect’s Statement on NC Move To Drop Common Core

AtkinsonPresElectNC State Superintendent and CCSSO President Elect was not on hand at the last meeting of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core study committee. It was odd that she would not be present at the event where the findings of the committee on her Common Core Standards were being read.


Perhaps she didn’t want to tell the throng of reporters there this time that this report was all just a lot of ‘bearing false witness’.

Oh well, a press release is just as good, right? Emphasis is mine below.


For immediate release  April 24, 2014

Statement by State Superintendent June Atkinson Regarding Common Core Proposal

“The Common Core standards in English language arts and mathematics are rigorous and aligned with the skills that students need today. That is why the State Board of Education adopted them in the first place. Under these standards, students are expected to learn important mathematics facts and skills and how to apply them to solve problems. They are expected to learn to read, write, speak and listen well and to support their ideas with facts and details. That is why these standards were endorsed by the University of North Carolina system, the Community College system and the North Carolina Chamber.

“Today’s draft bill by the General Assembly’s Common Core study committee would allow for a comprehensive review of academic standards for English language arts and mathematics and maintain the State Board of Education’s Constitutional authority over the Standard Course of Study in our state.

I believe North Carolina needs to continue its five-year cycle for maintaining standards so that teachers have stability in their lesson planning and classroom operations. The current Standard Course of Study – including the Common Core State Standards – is in its second year of classroom use and supported by the majority of teachers.

“I welcome study and review of the Standard Course of Study. That is how we ensure appropriate, rigorous and competitive learning standards for North Carolina students. The State Board of Education initially adopted the Common Core State Standards to address concerns that our old standards were not rigorous enough to prepare our students to be competitive in college admission and careers

I remain concerned about the myths that continue to be perpetuated about the Common Core. Issues that are not even a part of the Common Core are being incorrectly connected to the standards, which are statements of what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. I encourage all North Carolinians to read the standards for themselves.

“North Carolina should act cautiously and carefully before making changes to our Standard Course of Study. The stakes – the competitive future of our young people and our state – are very high.”


Now we know where Rep. Cotham and Rep. Brandon got their talking point objections today.

No, majority of teachers do not support it. Stop bearing false witness, Dr. Atkinson. There we go again with myths, which translates to anyone opposing Common Core being a liar.

She clearly wants to lock this in beyond the timetable of the commission in the LRC’s report today. Perhaps hoping all of us ‘false witness bearers‘  just forget about it and settle down. Well, that’s not happening. That also extends the life beyond her term that means it is someone else’s headache.  That’s assuming she doesn’t run again. Not sure she will since she’s dismantled her campaign site from the last run and closed her campaign fund according to the NC Board of Elections.


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  2. geek49203 says:

    LL — The nice thing about being a conservative is that, if you wait long enough, every liberal fad cause du jour goes away. Remember biofuels? Aldar? Latin American anything? And “Global warming” keeps trying to die, held aloft by those seeking to gain financially from nukes (GE/NBC/MSNBC) and solar (what’s that Dem billionaire’s name?).

    And so it will be with Common Core. Like all sorts of educational fads before it, it will pass, usually to be replaced by another one when someone figures out how to make money off of a new fad.


  3. Kim Fink says:

    Love your writing, always makes me smile!


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