NCSPIN Re-Runs N&O Op Ed Smearing Parents

Sad woman CCS articleAnother day, another N&O anonymous Op-ed smearing those who oppose Common Core. More Common Core Shutuppery from our media. Gotta love it.

You can read it at NCSPIN. I won’t send the traffic to the N&O.  Here’s my response (below), which I also posted in the comments of the NCSPIN piece.

I’ve added some hyperlinks where relevant.

Begin Comment:

Another Anonymous N&O Op ed likely written by the Chamber of Commerce for them in which they demonize parents, students and teachers who see the Common Core for what it is: a flawed set of experimental standards.

MEMO TO N&O: This isn’t Right or Left. This isn’t the Tea Party. One of my friends involved in this is as Liberal as they come and she LOATHES Common Core. This movement includes people from all walks of life and ideologies and we’re sick of our own news outlets smearing us.

Let me know how that “tea party is racist” label you are attempting to put on your readership works out for ya?

BTW folks, there’s not a single factual bit in this op-ed beside the second threat to legislators by the chamber:

“That makes it so curious as to why leaders of the business-friendly Republican Party in the General Assembly would preside over the abandonment of Common Core in favor of state-established standards that lawmakers say they want to be just as high as Common Core’s.”

The first threat was made clear by Gene Arnold on NCSPIN a few weeks back where he said outright that the Chamber was going to choke donations to legislator campaigns unless they kill the common core bills. With all due respect to Mr. Arnold. I thank him for being arrogant enough to say that out loud on television for all to hear. The public should know how the Chamber is attempting to silence the public on this issue with their money and influence.

The News and Observer should be ASHAMED of themselves for this propaganda piece that serves only to smear their own readers.

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  2. Snooze and Conserver is a POS “newspaper”. It has not been relevant in 30 years or so. Highly liberal and fiercely anti-Republican, I would not let my dog crap on it.


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