About That Wilmington Police Chief Supporting Common Core….

A Wilmington Police Chief opposes the repeal of Common Core? Do tell. Now, why would a Police Chief be weighing in on legislation like this?  Via StarNewsOnline, emphasis added:

Wilmington | Wilmington’s police chief will join others Thursday at a demonstration in Raleigh in support of Common Core education standards, according to a news release from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids.

Chief Ralph Evangelous is expected to join Fayetteville Police Chief Harold Medlock and Brevard Police Chief J. Phillip Harris Jr. to urge lawmakers to reject legislation to replace the nationally developed academic standards used in more than 40 states, the release states. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is an organization of more than 5,000 law enforcement leaders, including 91 in North Carolina.

The standards that establish what a student should learn in each grade level would be phased out in North Carolina under legislation that cleared a General Assembly committee Tuesday.

Last year students’ test scores fell by about 30 percentage points, which state education officials say is the result of more stringent testing than in the past. Many lawmakers say the tests may not be appropriate and are concerned the state is giving up its control of education.

– F.T. Norton

Let’s ignore the reason the end of year scores dropped 30 points was likely due to Common Core and look at why this police chief is involved here.  Focus in on the highlighted passage above that include Fight Crime: Invest in Kids. That group has an acronym — FCIK.  They have some sort of tie to ESEA, but their own page does not contain the PDF describing it anymore; the link goes nowhere.

I’m sure this organization does some wonderful things, however they and this chief are out of their depth and very misinformed about the Common Core. This letter shows that misinformation both on the bills in question and the Common Core quite painfully.

On their website, they have this disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

2014 © Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is a membership organization of law enforcement leaders and crime victims under the umbrella non-profit Council for a Strong America.

Council for a Strong America rang a bell for me.

It rings a big bell at the Gates Foundation – $1.7 million last year alone to promote Common Core.


Council for a Strong America

Date: July 2013
Purpose: to educate and engage stakeholders about the Common Core and teacher development through a range of communications activities
Amount: $1,700,000
Term: 26
Topic: Global Policy & Advocacy, College-Ready
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Grantee Website: http://www.councilforastrongamerica.org/ 


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