James Everett Dutschke Sentenced to 25 Years


After last weeks dramatic attempt of change of plea, James Everett Dutschke has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the making and mailing of ricin to elected officials.

According to Djournal, before handing down the sentence,  Judge Aycock asked Mr. Dutschke if he would like to speak, Dutschke replied before laughing:

“I think it would be best if I don’t,”

On May 27th, Dutschke will be sentenced by Lee County Circuit Court to 45 years with 25 years of that suspended regarding the fondling charges  from back in March of 2013.

Authors Note:

After publishing the article “James Everett Dutschke Changes Plea…Again!”  we here at Lady Liberty 1885 received the following comment from Paul Kevin Curtis:

One Response to James Everett Dutschke Changes Plea…AGAIN

  1. JOKE. Mississippi Justice $y$tem at it’s BEST!

    I am KC & I approve this JOKE


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