Common Core Cabal’s New Shutuppery Tactic

Question: What do the legislators complaining about the removal of Common Core in NC have in common with Gates’ paid mouthpiece from Fordham Institute?

Missouri Education Watchdog has the answer with a run down on Michael Petrilli’s appearance on C-SPAN. Here’s the money quote, emphasis is mine:

“He said something else very interesting in his response to the host: I wish, Steve, we were talking more about this, but instead, we are talking about the politics around this.”

‘Talking about the politics’. ‘Politicizing’. This is the new shutuppery tactic. Don’t you dare object to Common Core or you may be POLITICIZING! My God. The stupid. It burns.

Newsflash to the Common Core Cabal: the moms don’t give a hang about your politics. We want the Core gone. Period. The End. Get in our way at your own POLITICAL peril.



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