Iredell-Stateville Schools Won’t Answer On pro-Core Petition

Last night, I wrote about a pro-Common Core petition on started by “Iredell-Statesville Schools”. Today, on Twitter, I asked them about it.
Whoever was running that Twitter account refused to tell me who started the petition, why it made a blanket statement about all teachers there being pro-Common Core or how a parent received it in an ’email action alert’.

They did, however, delete their tweets to me and then not answer anything else I asked. Screenshots are forever:

Your tax dollars promoting transparency there, folks!

Here’s a close-up of that image in the tweet:

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3 Responses to Iredell-Stateville Schools Won’t Answer On pro-Core Petition

  1. Caroline Crutchfield says:

    Speaking of transparency, Iredell-Statesville is almost as bad as Cabarrus County Schools…somehow a “select” group of candidates were given access to school system email to send out an campaign email” what is next, is Cabarrus County Schools gonna allow people to use these email distribution list to sell their Mary Kay products.


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